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About Suncoast Speed

About Us

LWe're the perfect picture of what long hard work, endurance, and innovation yields in the automotive industry. The brainchild of Glen Ramdas, who brought together the best talent in the country to work together way back in 1998, after having impressed his clients and onlookers with hand crafted Pro-Touring car work. Like everything too good to die small, SunCoast Speed is the explosion of passion and experience working on the very thing they were born to.

Among the capable hands at work on our numerous projects include the very best mechanics, creative painters and work-hardened auto-body artisans forming a rich diversified mix of talent and culture. With a combined experience well over 80 years and covering all aspects of the automotive line of work there is no team more reliable and guaranteed to bring you to a tearing smile with their work.


The SunCoast Speed team boasts a portfolio of projects ranging from Luxury, exotic, classic, high-performance, economic, and reaching deep into the custom and rather specific requirements spectrum of work.

We work from our facility based in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Our respectable 30,000 sq. ft. establishment makes us specially positioned to cater to our customers' Body Kit and Graphic Installations, Wheel & Tire Packages, Custom Paint Work, Engine Performance, Brake Kits, and so many more requirements!

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440 South Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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