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Brake Kits

Brake Kits in Tarpon Springs, FL

Performance Brake Pads

Knowing that you're nowhere near the kind of driver for whom the car you bought was designed for (the average driver), you need brakes that will give you total control when driving. Replace your stock brake pads with performance brake pads and experience a totally different degree of performance with you in total control.

Performance Rotors Kit

Are your brakes letting you down with very slow conducting rotors, you need new ones to hasten the loss of all the energy stored when your car comes to a stop. There should be no performance lessening component when driving a performance vehicle through a character-testing terrain.

Performance Brake Calipers

Even though your car can come from factory with stock cast iron calipers, those won’t make your car a high-performance vehicle. For total control, abrupt stops just when you demand, and off-road experiences better that other cars, you'll need the high-performance calipers we have in stock.

Because Stopping is Part of The High Performance Experience

Performance driving enthusiast will tell you that the game is not just speed, thrust and looking good while you're taking charge of the road - you need to be 100% confident that your brakes systems can carry all that muscle with equal brilliance, allowing you to stop as impressively as you take off. Get in touch with us and we'll balance that equation for you.

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