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Leather Seats & Customer Interior

Leather Seats & Custom Interior in Tarpon Springs, FL

Whether you just want the equivalence of your jet's cockpit (drivers' seat) customized to give you a vantage point and more control of the car, or are going all leather interior, we have the highest quality material and craftsman to make the inside of your car like nobody else's.


Tired of the old feeling you get when you get into your car, we understand, and sometimes all it takes is changing the way it looks and feel to start living in your car again. Our facility handles upholstery jobs with mouthwatering results. Take a look at our success projects and make a reservation for your car to be part of this story too.

Performance Seats

The difference between a boring drive and a ride you hate walking out of can be nothing but the seat you're driving in. Try bucket seats, classic leather seats and our range of seats and rediscover why you loved driving your car when you were still on your honeymoon with it.

Seat Covers

If you don’t want to go all the way changing the interior of your car permanently, you can get our affordable range of seat covers. So many options are available you can have a set for each change of clothes you frequent. Change the environment inside your car almost instantly with our colorful and durable range of seat covers.

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