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Superchargers & Turbochargers

Superchargers & Turbochargers in Tarpon Springs

Performance Enhancing Turbochargers

Feel like you could get more kick from your car? Tired of pushing down the pedal and not seeing a quick jump or take off? You're right, your car can do so much better with a Turbocharger. Own the roads with more power and way better acceleration that everyone else with the same model car.

Supercharge Your Car

Force your engine to lift you from start to top speed in less time, supercharge for a better performance car. As the name suggests, your car supercharged will never be the same again.

Reliable Performance Kits

Cold air intakes, cylinder heads and other aftermarket enhancements that will take a stock car and turn it into a supercharged beast. All our upgrades are done using reputable brands and kits known to last years and one too many satisfying power screaming drives.

Guaranteed Results

All the merchandise we have in stock are guaranteed to give the desired results; significant, measurable performance jumps. The speed hungry staff that will take you through deciding to supercharge or turbocharge your vehicle in a friendly manner. Your car will never be a boring snail after we work on it together.

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